"Don't you afraid of losing?"

"Ya, but it's okay,"

"It's okay? You and me, we have an experience of losing someone. Did you still remember how the world had fallen apart at that time?"

"I knew it. Of course, I'm still afraid of losing. That was the risk of some-kind-of-relationship. Separation, a sad ending.  "

"Then, what's for that kind of relationship?"

"For a seriousness, I thought,"

You didn't even look into my eyes when you answered. I knew that deep inside, you had no faith with your answer. And maybe, you had no faith of being with her.
I love you, even someday you're not going to love me anymore.
That was a message from her, with some sweetness things. You read it for a while, and didn't reply to her.

All of your pictures with her in your phone, those kind of smiles in the photos, the coldness in your answers, and the way you let me borrow your private phone without saying anything.

And 17 : 17. I still couldn't understand your feelings at all.