The Helps

When someone asked about what's the reason of helping the one who have hurt you, I just couldn't answer it properly. I have many reasons for helping others. Somehow, I want to make their parents proud of them, or I just want to give them a little happiness that they may never get from others. But those reasons still make no sense.

For the case of someone who ever broke my pride into pieces, it became more difficult to do. Because by doing such things, I must deal with my hatred, my friend's complains, and his new relationship that still stretch the scar in my wound.

Sometimes I want to escape, put him in a hard situation, and leaving him in depression and sufferings. I want him to experience the things like how hard I have suffered for something that he have done to me before.  Unfortunately, I still couldn't do that.

You may have reasons for hating someone, but for helping someone, is there any concrete reasons? Somehow it just became our intuition as a human being. And I thought everyone was deserve the helps, no matter how bad the thing they have done.

And for "Why you still helping someone who have hurt you?", maybe this phrase will  answer the question :
"Because we couldn't cure our own sufferings by making other suffers"
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An Afternoon Hangout

The photographs were not good enough since it took by a pocket-camera, not a SLR/DSLR camera. Besides, the object's focus, compositions, and lighting were somehow terrible, because we didn't have a good skill in photography.

I edited colors by using Adobe Lightroom 3.0, and use some features in Photoshop for making the photos looked like it took by a DSLR/SLR camera. But the result seemed awkward (of course, if it looked better, everyone will never buy a DSLR/SLR camera) haha.

There were the last result. "An Afternoon Hangout"..

Put the camera in a flower's pot and set the self timer 
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Come on, A Little Helper !

A friend asked me if I could help him for making his thesis's product. I accepted since I have done my thesis before. His product was an Android application (Android apps) of learning media for vocational high school, built by Adobe Flash C5.5 with Action script 3.0. I collected some references while he prepared the materials. When all the preparation was ready, we started to make the product.

There was a little bit different between the android apps and the common flash file. The file type for flash file was .fla, plays at Adobe flash player as an .swf file. Android apps used Air for android as the file type and it plays as an application (.apk) in android devices.

First problem came when both of us have no devices which compatible with the apps. Our devices use froyo and gingerbread as the Operating System with Adobe Air version 3.2. But Android apps just compatible with the higher operating system with Adobe air version 3.6. we couldn't test the apps because of this problem. We didn't find the solution yet, but we'll find it later...

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