For You, With No Goodbye

Hi, the sunshine that smile every morning. This is for you, with no goodbye.

Pretending that "I'm fine" were never be this hard. I lost my focus on doing something's right, I messed everything's up my by own, I can't handle this complicated situations, and... I screwed up. Is it enough to show you that "I'm not okay"...?

As you said before, that good times can gone anytime, but moment stays forever. Well, somehow I wish "forever" is never exist. Because in some points, you're not value that-kind-of "just you and me againts the world" that much, right?

Somehow it feels like you're the things I did right. You're the sunshine that makes me happy even when the sky is grey. You're the best part of every beautiful song that I listen to. You're the man who bring me calm in my pretty crappy day. You're my late night conversation every night. You're the person that I've been thinking of at 2 a.m when I can't sleep.

But somehow it feels like that should not be you, the person who was taking care of me-and my complicated things. You're not the right person to laugh with, to have a deep conversations with, or to joke around with. You're not the missing part of my favourite songs. You're not the one that I've been waiting for so long.

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