For no one knows the heart-ache that lies behind the smiles. I wanted to tell you something.

Life is just full of surprises. They said that hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and everything will gonna be okay. But, are you sure?

For some reasons, the best preparation doesn't always work the way we wanted to. No matter how hard you hold on, sometimes you just fall. You lost. You're mad. You're broke. You hurt. And life will force you to experience that uncomfortable feelings.

You might be ready for this. But when it happens, you're not totally fine. The wound's still exist. You might hide that things in a smile, and an "I'm okay". But, you can't hide it forever. People will realize it.

As the times goes by, you must deal with the pain. Loneliness's hurt. Changing the habit might not be easy. Healing needs time. Recovery will become an on going process.

Meet the new people. Do whatever that makes you happy. Be thankful for the other bless. And if it doesn't work, be more patience with yourself.

Everything will be back as a normal. You'll be fine. And be happy once again.

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