We all feel lost sometimes. And when we lost in our way, we would make some kind of mistakes. We lost, we broke, we hurt. We messed everything up by keep doing the mistakes without knowing that we're just far from Allah's way.

When we realize that all the things turn into wrong, we need to stop for a while. There would be some questions like : Is it the test? The trap? The karma? Or the answer of our prayers?

We'll take the time to figure it out. We would review about what we have done. We would re-arrange the puzzle. We would re-read the Allah's map.

As the time goes by, we might find that we misunderstood the things. Something that we want the most should be something that we'll be better without. Something that we hate the most should be something that we'd be grateful of.

But if we didn't figure it yet, doesn't mean that we never will. It might not the future that we're afraid of, but repeating the past that make us feel anxious. Don't stress. Allah will give strength to go through what we're going through.

Sure we have sins, scars, bad memories. But, we're never as broken as we think we are. Don't be too worry about how much mistakes we ever made in the past. Because the worst past still can create the best future. Don't be afraid of losing. Because Allah will always guide us home.

Happy Eid Mubarak 1436H everyone. Saatnya kembali, karena Allah telah menanti.

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