Hello, I'm Moving !

I just remembered that years ago, I'm just a person who have hard time to live the life. I couldn't decided things. I often went home at the late of night after along day outside, just for spending time alone. I blamed everything when something bad happened. I fixed people's wound but left my own unhealed. And I filled this blog with everything about how-sick-I-was.

Well, I knew that  I was broke. I lost. I dragged people into my complicated things. Messing everything up by my own. But, I learned. I learned from the things we said in our late night talks. I learned from other people's life, and the way they fix their problems. I learned from you, the one who had taught me to be wiser. Then, I grew up. I'm moving from such complicated things.

I went home in the afternoon for spending the night at home. I decided things by my own, less care for other's problem. I'd be grateful for everything I have. I erased some private talks in this blog, edited the template, and changed the style of writing. I knew that it would never be enough. I still need to learn another things outside.
Life would always teach us to grow, and moving. It is a must. Because life is too short and you never know when your time is up.
Ya, I'm moving. Better personality, better lifestyle, better template-content of this blog. And from now on, I know that I'm on the right track to be a better me.


permaisuri said...

cieeee...serba baru cieeee...
bagus bagus..
punyaku benerin juga dooong...mumpung hatiku pindah juga nih*eh

miftah faradisa said...

iyadongs, semuanya baruu...
cieee...kamu jg lg "ada yang baru" ya....mana ceritanyaa... *kepo

Rahajeng Kartika said...

wauuww, happy moving miftoo..
hope i can join you in near time... :')

miftah faradisa said...

yuhuuuu, I'll be waiting bu nyutt.. :3