As Long As I Can

" Don't worry. I would stay by your side...".

" Really?".

" Ya, of course, as long as I can...".

Knowing that we always need someone to stay, sometimes we also have a big intent to stay for someone, although we didn't know whether we stay for the right person or not. It just liked a gambling. We played and be prepared for the worst while everything turned into wrong. But the real problem was How long we could stay for someone?
We always have a limit for everything. In some cases, for something like waiting or staying, the limit would getting blurred. 
Sometimes we keep trying to stay, even when we get hurt. And again, no matter how much you hurt, and get hurt by, you still couldn't give up and go on. Because, the pain of your wound was more acceptable than his wound while you left. But, always remember that :
There would be a time for everything. 
So, before the time has come, I would stay by your side, as long as I can. Hearing you voice when you called, listening to your complains, helping you to prepare your futures, cheering you up for days, planning some kind of business or vacations, taking care when you needed, sharing the problems with you, always be there when there were no one to stand by you, and always doing my best to fulfil your needs.
But, if the time has come, and I couldn't stay, promise me that you would always be happy. Because your smile would warm the people you loved, your laughs would brighten the day, and everything about you would be the best thing that happened to me.
If we're not meant to be, I wished that our next separation would feel better, without leaving too much pain just like before. And for now until that time, I would give my best for you, as long as I can.

Hi, for this rainy afternoon, I wished you're okay there... :)


Nurul Huda said...

Hey! i love the way you write this!

Is he always being the one.. i mean the only one you're thinking of when it's raining? ahahaha.... just forget it~

a s h i m a said...

Jadi....seharusnya kita lebih memanfaatkan kebersamaan dengan 'orang itu' sebelum terjadi hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan. Is that the point? hehehe.

miftah faradisa said...

huda : hahaha. thanks..

ashima : iya, begitulah kira2... :D