Chapter 1 : It's Over

"Is there no other way?"

"Yeah. I think I'm done."

"I never thought that we'd end up like this but.." I stopped. Things started to break. I just felt it all come rushing back to me.

You might be the one who wanted to end this relationship. And I won't to be the only one fighting. You said that you didn't have any strength to fight anymore. I knew how hard it might have been. But, why did you face it alone while you already had me to stand by your side?

You looked into my eyes. I glanced at you for a while. I tried to not cry over you because I knew that you didn't want to see the tears.

This blueberry smoothies tasted bitter. As bitter as these feelings. I left the half of the blueberry smoothies. You drank up your banana milkshake. And we decided to leave this place.

You drove me home. Just like you had used to be. I hug you tight for the last time and it felt so cold, as cold as your silence during this way home.