A story from the scar (2/2)

There was a cozy place with the warm atmosphere inside while we walked in. I looked for many spots, and then finally I found where our old friends were. Three girls and two boys left the seat and greeted us. 

“It has been a long time since the fasting time”. I said to everyone.

“yeah, actually, did you two.. came together?” the girls asked with the” want-to-know” expression.

“ oh, yeah”. I said without looking at them, especially you.

“wow, where he picked you up?” they curious.

“oh, at my house” I answered.

“oh wow.. How did he knew about you house while we didn’t ever knew it? Am I missed something here?” The girls said. The other friends’re looking at us.

“ oh, no. Not at all, we’re just friends”. You said it.

I glance at you. They girls flirt with you. I ignored them and didn’t look at your expression. I kept busy with my phone. The conversations between my other friends’re going...
“I didn’t say anything, because my eyes said everything”. You replied. I stop texting while I heard what you said. The girls laugh. I join the conversation and looking at you.

“wow, you flirt also”. I continued to laugh. You smiled at me.

“yeah, your eyes often looking at her, and it said everything”. The girls said to you, while at the same time, they looking at me. 
They matched us up. You tried not to look at me. The girls continued flirting and talked about the high school’s gossips. I glanced at you and continued busy with my phone. But I still can’t concentrate.
My mind flied again whiles I desperately waiting for you. The  time while I kept thinking “shall I smile because we’re friends, or cry because we’ll never be together”. The time while I’ve realize that I have a deep feeling for you. Not just a common feeling for a friend. Yeah, at that time, I loved you. And hope that you’ll understand someday.

If eyes said everything, why don’t you ever notice that I have a deep feeling for you? Its more than just feeling for a friend. Don’t you pretend to notice while I can see through your eyes that youhave the same feeling? Or you really never noticed?” There’re much questions spinned in my mind. I want to know you’re answered desperately.

Yeah, maybe it’ll be better if I didn’t know your answer right now. My feeling for you has been buried. Everything have already changed. I’ve already someone special. There is someone who will notice my feelings through my eyes, and someone who loved me back. 
I didn’t want to look it back. You’ve ever been a part of me, a part that I don’t want to see...