A story from the scar (1/2)

I checked timeline. As always. But suddenly, I attracted by search button at the left of the timeline. And I didn’t know what led me to write that username in the search box. Then your profile appeared. The curiosity of what’s was in it pushed me to explored your timeline.

From your timeline, I found that you made a promise to hang out with our old friends. A class reunion, but just with some members. Somehow I wonder, will you tell me about the class reunion? Or you’ve already forget me? I didn’t expect too much since I know that you’ve never contact me for the late 5 months. Maybe you’ve already forget me at all. That’s what I think. But the short message from you surprised me.

”Hey, will you go to the class reunion?” 

“I will, but, would you pick me up?” I replied. 

A rhetoric question since I know the answer that you wouldn’t.

“Okay, I’ll pick you up at 10, still in the same address ?” you replied after for a while. 

Wow, I didn’t expect that you would, or even wonder if you still remember where my home was.

“Yes, still the same”. I end the conversation.

You really came to pick me up at 10.30, late as always. There’s many things to say since we didn’t have any contact for a long time...

“What about your study?” you opened the conversation.

“Just like always, what about you?” 

“Same, and I’m doing some online business” 

“Oh, how’s your business now?”

“Fine, but I’m too busy. If you have a waste of time, could you operate it? “ 

“Okay, I will, then how about your girlfriend?”

“We’re broke up”. You answered. 

I looked at your eyes through the spion. There’s sadness behind. I hurt when I see your eyes, like what you may feel after breaking up.

“Why?” I asked. 

You forced to smile. No answered. And you change the topic, talked about everything. I said “oh”, “yeah”, “then?” just to appreciate it. 

I said it but I don’t mean it. My mind is somewhere else in 2-3 years ago while I know that everything you said will end up like before. You said but you never do. 
You just still the same, act like we’ve so closed, opened the chance that we're mean to be together, but made me end up like we’re nothing.
Somehow it made me sick. I want to leave and canceled to do the reunion. But I just realize that we’ve arrived at the place of reunion. Ok, here we go again. I acted like I’m okay while deep inside, I’not actually...