Just wanna let you know, M

This night, I realize that our past were just happened by our faults. Not all of you, not just me, but both of us. At that time~ I'm really sorry, for blaming you, for making no effort in our relationship, for hating you with all of my ego.

It was pathetic when I (finally) learned to show how much I care, just after you left. I made an effort. I went miles alone~just to meet you. I cancelled my other promises when you're here. I learned about your favorite colors. About the things you like, and dislike. I became the first person who had known everything about you. I have been here at your best~and your worst.

It had been years. We have gone so far into two different circle. People changed. So did you, and me. We grew up through all the ignorance, tears, betrayal, fights, smiles, and laughs. Sometimes we were acting cold, and the other time we enjoyed our talks until the late of night. Sometimes we hurt each other~ became a stranger, and the other time we stayed together~shared about anything, even the private one.

After all of this time, I just want you to know this. You're the best partner I ever had. The person that I did really care. The best guy to share everything with. The man who make me as I am now.

Then, thanks for being one of the best part in me, M.

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Nurul Huda said...

When will you two get married then? #uhuk

permaisuri said...

M? Mantan? :|

Rahajeng Kartika said...

hmm M ya..hmm
the best part who makes us like us now, stronger than before