My Last Web Designing...


I’ve been made it when I was in the third grade of High School 3 Malang..
It just the simple one using Notepad and HTML code..
It consists of four pages. There are:  Home (index), friends (my High school’s friends), profile (about me), and anime (my interest).
Home is describes my opinion about my life. For me, Life is a thousand miles away (inspired by a song titled “a Thousand Miles”), and it becomes my theme to design this website.
Friend is dedicated to my High school’s friends in my first grade (PuMa), my second grade (SpaDe), and my third grade (ExSilence).
Anime is a page which consists of the review from my favorite anime (Eyeshield 21, Ouran High School Host Club,etc). It also consists of many links to go to my favorite anime sites.
Profile is consists of simple introduction about me (as a designer from this web.. ^^)
And I enjoyed for making this website, although I must face the final exams after that…


空キセノ said...

Mif, cuma mau nge-test sesuatu makanya aku comment...