If there were black and white, sometimes we just need of being grey. If we always obey the rule, sometimes we just need to break it.

Well, doing something bad (out of the procedure) was just like jumping from the highest place, without safety tools. It was thrilling, challenging, but... Cause nervousness, fear, and worrying during the time.

I hope this would be the first, and also the last. I was really sorry for breaking the right procedure. But, you know I really need this licence, right...?

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Claude C Kenni said...

Ini ngomongin soal SIM ya kalo gua tebak? =)

miftah faradisa said...

Hahaha. Tepat sekali... :D

permaisuri said...

hahahaaa..yang penting aplikasinya bener mbak..

Vinashoponline said...

hahaha lisensi pokonya itu ngomongninnya entah apa .wkwk