We Will be Fine

It has been a long time since that moment. We never meet up for months. Time flies, people change. So did us, and our talks.

We talked about life. About the fate that knock us down even when we put much effort to flow up. About how hard we stand back up when everything turned into wrong. About the chances that we missed while we choose the other possibility.

We talked about dreams. About the failure when things didn't go in the way that we wanted to. About dreams that we left for some reasons. About kind of projects that we're working on. About some plans of working in big cities to get a better life. About the salary that must be saved for future.

We talked about friends. About the one who left their profitable job. About the people who continued their study. About the couple who entered their marriage level. About the others that still stuck in their positions.

We talked about emotions. About something that we need to calm us down. About some ways to manage our mind, feelings, and stressful conditions. About the needs of keeping for never falling too deep. About the things that must be prepared to face some kind of losing and separation.

We talked about happiness. About the one who deserve to share our happiness with. About how strong we could be, just because of someone's presence. About the way of being happy in our own. About how to put a smile on people that we loved. About being a reason of their happiness.

Ya, we grew up through the things we passed. We moved into some deeper talks. It would be hard to live in this age, but still believe that we will be fine. Because we were too strong to give up, right...?

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plasamouse said...
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plasamouse said...

pujangga tingkat dewa,

agha maruf said...

Nice post.. keren semuanya kan selalu baik-baik saja..
Semoga impian mendapatkan pekerjaan yang terbaik dan meneruskan studinya diberikan kelancaran miftah...

Keren banget..