Chapter 5 : Everything Back But You

I didn’t know what to think at this point. I must found myself again, and make a good start. I hate the way that I couldn’t give more happiness to the people around.

Now, I had started to get that old me back.
The one who was cheerful, optimistic, hopeful and happy.
The one who could make people smile without meaning to.
The one who could be trusted, the one who had have self-esteem, the one who could stand alone and not feel lonely. 
I needed me back. And finally I started getting back on track.

I didn't know whether I'm sad or happy. Somehow, I had letting go of things without even understanding what the hell happened. Everything had gone so quickly... even at the same time.

I had found myself but I still felt awfully empty. Like a half of me was disappear with your absences. I didn’t even let myself to have time to think things through, or to remember everything about you, or to know what  just changed and getting worse. I spent all the time by getting busy with school, making many business plans, or hanging out with friends.

There were some plan in my mind which waiting for me to make it real. I thought I will spend all the day for doing my best and make them come true.

I thought everything're back, and you. You come back as a best friend of mine. We started this friendship without looking at our past. It's better to know you as a friend, not an ex-lover. I don’t think things will value that part of me this much, and it’s just difficult now.



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