An Evening Talk and A Piece of Dream

"I was reading book at the cafe. If you want to come, I will wait".

Hah? I was about to sleep when I read you messages. I wonder if you send the wrong message for me. Then I asked you to confirm.

"No, It's for you.  We could share anything here".

"Okay, I will go there, just wait for me". I replied.
 I needed someone to talk, then you asked for it
It seemed like you knew about what I want, or maybe, it was a trap of fate. I didn't expect too much for this thing, because I won't hurt so much.

I arrived at the cafe. It was so crowded there. I looked at every side of the cafe, then I found you. You were looked cool with the white shirt and headsets in your ears. I walked and took a seat in front of you.

"Hi, how long you had have been here?"

You took your headset off and smiled at me.

"For many hours, how was your day?"

"Nothing special" I faked a smile.

"Oh, I will discuss our business plans. So, I will give you a job for designing our brand," Then you told about the concept and the deadline.

"I accepted, because I want to increasing my ability in design,"

"You knew, your ability must be explored to this business. And sometimes, I wonder what my ability was? " You asked....

"Your ability was produce some creative ideas to be explored by others" I answered. As I knew, you were good at making an creative idea.

"I thought you were right. And making some work relation or marketing, am I right?"

"Of course. You could make much relations through the industrial community"

"Someday, I will used your design, then I will promote it to the industrial community"

"I hope so. Thanks, we could be the best business partner,"

"You're welcome. Anyway, I delayed my graduation just for develop this business, because I want...bla...bla..."

You told everything about your dreams, your business plans, and your ideas.  I could see your enthusiasm in every word you said. I looked into your eyes during your long talks. The eyes which filled with optimistic and self confidence.

Yeah, we will help each other to reach our dreams. I knew it won't be easy. We may found some difficult things, pain, failures, then we must struggle with our full effort to survive.
And soon, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even five years, we will eventually be holding hands and smiling, knowing that our efforts was worth for it, and we became happy once again, in our success life...


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