Chapter 4 : The Perfect Heart Breaker

Here we were, meeting after I had pushed you to tell the truth. I had seen the fact through your personal account. But I still wanted to hear your confession.

"So, you're already with her?"


"You have been seeing her before we broke up, am I right..?"


"I knew... Everything."

"Okay, she came in when our problems was getting worse."

"Then why did you choose to see her rather than clearing our problem? "

"I didn't know. Everything just happened. Sorry..."

"Is that all? Is that all you could say after you ruined everything?"

"I'm sorry for everything."

"Did I ever do you wrong so that you do this to me?"

"No, its not your fault. Its all my fault." 

You put your jacket covering your face up. I held my tears. How could you hurt me so? You acted like it was nothing but it was really something. I was just too naive thinking everything had been fine between us.

I calmed myself down with this warm vanilla mint. You started to bite your toasted bread.

"You want some?" You offered.

"No, I'm not in the mood to eat," I said quietly. And you stopped eating. I knew that I might have given you some shake. I could see your guilt.  "It's okay, just finished your meal." I forced to smile.

You would never understand why I was hurt so much. Because you were not the one who cried here. I could hid the pain I felt inside and made you think that I could move on. But I could hardly believe that you thought I was okay after you broke it. 

After finishing your meal, you started to tell everything about you and her. You told about how you had met, how you had had hanged out with her since 3 weeks ago, how you had brought her to this town before we had broken up, and how your new relationship was. Everything you said made me felt so sick. 

I didn't blame you for my pain. It's not your fault. People do take love as a hurtful game. Both of us were expert before we decided to quit. I still couldn't believe that you played this game again without inviting me.
I just felt so disappointed, you were the person who gave me the courage to quit the game, but now you became the person who brought me the fear to play it again.
Without a word, you had left and got back into the game, made a new character called "the perfect heart breaker".


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