Worth the Wait

This time, we missed the chance. Again. It sucks when we finally realize, but it was late. You went back home when I'm on my way to that place.

Then, you texted. You said that you've waited for 2 hours there. Your phone was off, and you forgot to bring the charger. Well, you should know that during this day, I've waited for that hours too. I kept my eyes opened by looking at my phone, waiting for your text. And, what's worse~or better than :
Kita saling menunggu, tapi nggak saling tahu..?
I felt lost. I got into that crazy traffic jam. Riding my motorcycle to wherever-it-was. With the earphone that played songs on its full-volume. Ended up in a place. Looking around that empty chairs. Drinking a cup of coffee. Alone.
"Jadi, kenapa harus menunggu selama dan serumit ini untuk kita ketemu?” | “Karena hal-hal menakjubkan itu butuh waktu.”
I never thought that it would be so hard to meet you. No matter how hard we planned, most of them were just failed. But, Are we just...worth that wait...?

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Claude C Kenni said...

Yes. Coz that's the funny thing about destiny : It happens whether you plan it or not.

miftah faradisa said...

hi, kak...long time no see...
ya, you're right... its about destiny.. :D

permaisuri said...

karena hal-hal yang menakjubkan itu butuh waktu..dibujuk i lik e mbak..pembenaran-pembenaran ae iku..kenyataannya, hal yang menakjubkan itu bisa dibuat, nggak cuma ditunggu

miftah faradisa said...

iya, ini juga udah dibuat sebenernya wil, cuman mentok gara2 hape kehabisan baterai..hahaha