The Puzzle

Hello, it has been (almost) a year, after our first talk. And, I want to tell you something...

Actually, I still learn about you, about me, about us. It takes time and effort to understand about some-kind-of-things.
Ya, human is the most interesting subject to learn. A subject that have the most dynamic feeling to predict.
So did you. Sometimes I thought that you avoid me, played some tricks at me, had been a fake person with your kindness, or became so cruel by stopping the chats, then leaving me with un-answered questions. But at the other time, you can be a good listener, a nice guy that give much attention to my cranky-time, and someone that still be there to take care of me and my complicated things.

For me, you might be a puzzle out there just waiting to be solved. Being with you is like matching, adjusting, analyzing, and arranging every piece of the puzzle carefully. Sometimes I put the right pieces easily, but sometimes I made mistake by arrange the wrong pieces. I was tiring, frustating, wanting to give up so many times. But after I took a time to be without you for a while, I found myself that I still be there. 

And between the ups and down in arranging the pieces. I learn something. About life. About being nice for all the people, seeing the good in every bad, being grateful for everything we have, taking time with the patience of waiting, and enjoying every little moment without rushing anything.

As people said,
Being with someone isn't need to be the same., Its about being sweet with each other.
Just like the puzzle, there are different shapes that complete each other to make a beautiful picture. So did us. We were two people, with two different personalities, different way of solving problems, different point of view.
But no matter how complicated it gets, I hope we could complete each other. Someday. And make a beautiful picture with that pieces.