Day 29 : A World Through Words

The 29th theme of the challenge was about the reasons of blogging. I had been inspired by kak keven to do blog because of fixing the traffic jam in my mind...and in people's mind.

In life, there were much problems that we did understand, but we just couldn't get the idea of making solutions. And there were people who have a problem of telling what's on their mind. There were the "traffic jam". So, I blogged to solve the problems. By some articles, I wished people would say "ya, that's the point" when the topics related to their problems.

Besides, I found a header that said "a world through words" above the picture. I thought that blog was using to discover the "another" world about people's life. We could know the other people's side of life, the interesting things in other places and countries, and the way people manage their problems by just reading their posts. We could choose to be what we wanted to. We could be someone different with our real life's. We could make our new world that we wanted to, just by making the words in our blogs.

And for me, blog was become my world. I could share about life, mind, passion, and everything that I wanted to. So, a blog could be a world through words, right...?

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