Hold on, A little Helper !

Those weeks seemed not to be so productive. You canceled a half of each week of the schedule. We created contents for two difficult features of the apps.

First was the quiz feature. We made it by using movie-clip concept. After it has been created successfully, we took the next step of making simulation feature which contain of a button as trigger for playing the downloaded simulation from camerasim.com, but it couldn't be worked. We converted .swf  file for fixing problems, but it ended up failure.

Then we decided to use another simulation. He found a simple simulation in .exe file. We converted it into .swf file, and it works. But when we published it into an .apk file, the simulation didn't work properly. I asked my friends and they told me to use another way because android file couldn't load a .swf file. And now, we still couldn't find a way to solve the problem. It made  frustrated while we realize that the media must be ready for the next two weeks.
We hope we'll find a way to solve this problem. As fast as we can..